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Protective Sleeves


The first step to soaping is always protecting yourself around lye. These protective sleeves have been a game changer here at Molly's. Originally designed to protect the skin while gardening, these sleeves fit perfectly including a thumb hole so slipping a pair of gloves on is easy. 

Not only are they great products, they are made out of recycled materials.

We recommend choosing the same size as the shirts you wear. If you wear a medium sized shirt we suggest getting the S/M. If you are in between sizes (sometimes a M and sometimes a L) then we would suggest the smaller size. It's better to be a little snug than too loose.

Care instructions:

We recommend machine washing your protective sleeves on a regular cycle with low to medium heat.  The sleeves can be tumble dried on low heat, but as with all clothes, hang drying will help keep the fabric newer for longer. ** DO NOT USE BLEACH

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